Beaches in Rincon de la Victoria

The Rincon de la Victoria seafront is the main destination for the people of Malaga and Cordoba. It is only alive in summer and weekends. There are many restaurants on the beautiful promenade, you can stroll along here in the evening. The beach promonade stretches over 7 km from Rincón to La Cala del Moral. It is to be extended to Malaga and Torre de Benagalbon. It is most beautiful there in the late afternoon when the sunset enchants the wonderful view of the bay of Málaga with its play of colors. The beaches of Torre de Benagalbon, a little further east, does not have such a good "beach infrastructure", but it is more original. 
The Virgin in the Surf Statue watches over the beaches at Rincón de la Victoria (Christian Seelos (CSN)) There is hardly a beach on the coast where bathers are protected as well as in Rincón de la Victoria. A small shrine is embedded in a rock wall on the eastern edge of the elongated bay, which houses the statue of the Blessed Virgin Virgen del Carmen. Looking towards the sea, she watches over the beach guests who spend their valuable vacation days in Rincón. It is mainly Malagueños, the inhabitants of Málaga, who settle here in summer. On the wide, fine sandy beach they take a break from the stress of the big city, but without losing contact with the nearby hometown. The silhouette of Málaga can be seen from almost every point on the almost five kilometers long beach, but despite the proximity to the city, the extensive beach is rarely crowded and the water quality is mostly good. Only the pebbly seabed in places inhibits bathing pleasure a little. On the other hand, you can go completely uninhibited in the beach restaurants on the promenade, which offer much more than fried fish swimming in olive oil. Rather, the carefully prepared regional dishes leave a pleasant memory of a successful beach day in Rincón de la Victoria.

La Cala de Moral

Beach La Cala de Moral

Rincon de la Victoria


Torre de Benagalbon

Beach Torre de Benagalbon
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