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Rincon de la Victoria

Most prosperous community on the Costa del Sol

  1. Suburb of Malaga
  2. one of the longest beaches on the Costa del Sol
  3. Family friendly
  4. wide, uncrowded beaches
  5. 15 minutes to the old town of Málaga and port
  6. Entrance to Axarquia, the most beautiful regions in Spain
  7. Best climate in Europe
  8. In winter often over 20 degrees
  9. very Spanish city, here you still feel in Spain
  10. Over 80 restaurants on the seafront





Festivals and Ferias







Rincon de la Victoria

Rincon de la Victoria is a municipality in the western corner of the Comarca de la Axarquia, in a preferred location on the Costa del Sol. The progressive tourism in recent years and the possession of historical treasures mean the turn to an important tourist destination and an excellent place to live and vacation. This municipality has 27.51 km² and consists of four residential areas. Cala del Moral; Rincon de la Victoria, Torre de Benagalbon and Benagalbon. The limits are: Moclinejo and Macharaviaya in the north, Totalan in the northwest, Malaga in the west and Velez-Malaga in the east. Rincon has very good motorway links with the main cities in Andalusia and is about 15 minutes from Malaga airport. The economy of the municipality depends on tourism, although one should not forget about fishing and agriculture. Visitors will find a modern city in Rincon de la Victoria, where a mixture of tradition and modern development can be found.Welcome to Rincon de la Victoria, Puerta de la Axarquia, the gateway to Axarquia history Rincon has been in very distant times inhabited. According to the data, there was a settlement here fifty thousand years ago. Around 550 BC you could find the Punic-Phoenician culture in the hill of Benagalbon. Later, during the Roman period, watchtowers and a fortified city, the name of which was Bezmiliana, were built. The Arabs inhabited the city and gave it the rank of medina. The name Rincon de la Victoria dates from 1950. It has a connection with the Order de los Minimos in the convent of the Victoria of Malaga. This year the capital of the municipality changed from Benagalbon to Rincon de la Victoria. Monuments To get to know Rincon de la Victoria better, you must first visit the Fuerte de Benizmiliana house. It is one of the best buildings in the military architecture of the 18th century. Carlos III decided to build it. It served as protection because this area was full of English and Dutch pirates. Nowadays the house has been renovated and is used for exhibitions. The halls are world famous because very well known artists exhibit their works here. In Oficina Comarcal de Turismo you can get information about the opening times of the exhibitions. An essential visit is the hiking trail to the old watchtowers. The Torres Almenaras has been recently renovated and is located in Cantal and Torre de Benagalbon. You will also have a good time at the towers in Funez and Albendas. Rincon de la Victoria also has the famous "Cueva del Tesoro" or Higueron, where you can see the city's paleolithic history, tools and paintings. The "Cueva del Tesoro" is a cave by the sea with several rooms, shaped by the water. The Sala de los Lagos and the Virgin of Marco Craso form a stage on which legends about the grotto are told. One of them gives the name "Cueva del Tesoro". It is said that 5 Moorish kings hid their treasures here when they fled the Christian reconquest. Only 5 coins and a lamp have been found from the treasure. All come from the Nazari period. In Benagalbon we can discover the way of life of our newest ancestors in the Museo de Arte Popular, where tools, farming equipment, etc. are exhibited. In Benagalbon, which lies between Moclinejo and Rincon, a small folklore museum was established.


The Rincon seafront is the main destination for the people of Malaga. It is only alive in summer and weekends. There are many restaurants on the beautiful promenade, you can stroll along here in the evening. The beach promonade stretches over 7 km from Rincón to La Cala del Moral. It is to be extended to Malaga and Torre de Benagalbon. It is most beautiful there in the late afternoon when the sunset enchants the wonderful view of the beech of Málaga with its play of colors. The beach of Torre de Benagalbon, a little further east, does not have such a good "beach infrastructure", but it is more original. 
The Virgin in the Surf Statue watches over the beach at Rincón de la Victoria (Christian Seelos (CSN)) There is hardly a beach on the coast where bathers are protected as well as in Rincón de la Victoria. A small shrine is embedded in a rock wall on the eastern edge of the elongated bay, which houses the statue of the Blessed Virgin Virgen del Carmen. Looking towards the sea, she watches over the beach guests who spend their valuable vacation days in Rincón. It is mainly Malagueños, the inhabitants of Málaga, who settle here in summer. On the wide, fine sandy beach they take a break from the stress of the big city, but without losing contact with the nearby hometown. The silhouette of Málaga can be seen from almost every point on the almost five kilometers long beach, but despite the proximity to the city, the extensive beach is rarely crowded and the water quality is mostly good. Only the pebbly seabed in places inhibits bathing pleasure a little. On the other hand, you can go completely uninhibited in the beach restaurants on the promenade, which offer much more than fried fish swimming in olive oil. Rather, the carefully prepared regional dishes leave a pleasant memory of a successful beach day in Rincón de la Victoria.

La Cala de Moral

Beach La Cala de Moral

Rincon de la Victoria


Torre de Benagalbon

Beach Torre de Benagalbon


The "Cueva del Tesoro" treasure cave is located between the villages of La Cala deI Moral and Rincon de la Victoria. It is located on one of the steep slopes that stretch towards the Mediterranean coast. The "Cueva del Tesoro" originated from the sea. Their galleries were formed under the sea level by currents and waves. Later this whole area of ​​EI Cantal appeared and with it the various caves and grottos that are here, like the "Cueva del Tesoro". Because of this origin, its most outstanding formations are gorges and pillars. Later, freshwater filtration created some of the more typical phenomena found in limestone caverns, such as stalactites and stalagmites. It has remnants of cave paintings that were described by Abbot Breuil in 1918. Archaeological remains of the Cueva del Tesoro are kept in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. There are numerous ceramic remains from the Neolithic and from the liturgical manufacture of Silex, among which a spearhead of the solute bridle sticks out. Remains of humans and animals have also been discovered.
The cave is best known for the oral and written record of a treasure hidden during the Arab period. This tradition appears in documents by Fray Antonio Agustin de Milla y Suazo in the 17th century. The treasure had interested various treasure hunters in the past three centuries. Medina Conde reports of an expedition consisting of 17 people in the middle of the 18th century, which fled in fear due to various unusual events. The Swiss Antonio de la Nari spent several years searching for the treasure during the XIX century until it fell victim to an explosion in 1847, which he himself provoked to open galleries, and thus died. The treasure hunter and great scholar of the cave for the past 38 years was the Malagan professor D. Manuel Laza, who worked in it until recently. But the attraction of the cave doesn't end with the legend of the treasure. According to the studies by D. Manuel Laza, the sanctuary of the goddess Noctiluca is in it. Here is a petrification that bears great resemblance to the depiction of this goddess on ancient Phoenician coins. This goddess of fertility, life and death was represented on earth by a petrified image, in the sky she was the moon in its various phases.Here you will find the way to the cave.

1.  HALL OF THE VIRGIN: The visit begins in this hall, which got its name from the day of discovery, October 12th, the day of Saint Pilat, in 1951.
2. HALL OF MARCUS CRASSUS: After the writers Plutarch (Greek historian of the II century) and Cornelius Nepos (Latin author from the epoch of the Emperor Augustus), Marcus Crassus took refuge in a grotto on the Mediterranean coast while fleeing from Marius and Cinna match the characteristics of the Cueva del Tesoro. Another Latin tradition says that the cave was also a refuge for Sextus Pompejus when he fled to Carteya from Didio, Caesar's admiral, after the Battle of Munda.
3. AREA OF CAVE PAINTING: Extensive gallery where cave paintings in schematic style were found.
4.  ROOM OF THE EAGLE: Hall where a boulder reminds us of the figure of this bird.
5. LABYRINTHEN GALLERY: Nice area of ​​the cave, where the sea origin can be seen
6. DOCTOR OF THE GODDESS NOCTILUCA: Here D. Manuel Laza gives the prehistoric sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Noctiluca. It represents life, death and fertility. It is the goddess of the night and the moon. It goes back to the Neolithic and there were remains of ashes from animals that were sacrificed according to the rites of the era.
7.  VOLCANO ROOM: This is the last part that can be seen from the northeast wing of the grotto. At the end there is an abyss that may still be connected to the sea. This fact is currently being investigated.
8. HALL OF THE LAKES: This extensive zone of the cave has beautiful natural lakes formed by dripping water from limestone cliffs. It is the liveliest of all galleries and in it you can see interesting eccentric stalactites that cover a large part of the walls.

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{rincon} {malaga}

opening hours

Winter / Spring / Fall
(September 16 - June 14)
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (closes at 2:00 p.m.)
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (closes at 6:00 p.m.)

Summer (June 15th - September 15th)
10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (closes at 2:00 p.m.)
4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (closes at 8:00 p.m.)

The cave is closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st and 6th.


Children (0-3 years) free
Children (4 - 14 years) € 2.75 / visit
Adults (15-64 years) € 4.65 / visit
Seniors (65 years +) 2.75 € / visit
Youth / student ID card € 2.75 / visit
Pensioners, unemployed people of the community free
Free visit to the "Cueva del Tesoro" cave from Monday to Friday during the first hour of opening of the cave and up to full capacity (60 people).


Av. de Picasso, 21 29730 La Cala del Moral Málaga
Tel: 952 406 162.


La Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana (Fortress Bezmiliana) was built around 1766 by order of Carlos III according to the plans of the military engineers Jose Crane and Francisco de Gozar. This fortress was included in a coastal defense project against the sea and land robbery from which the zone suffered, as well as other castles such as those of the Marques de Valleniza (Velez-Mälaga) or San Luis de Sabinillas. All fortresses and castles that were built on the coast of southern Spain during the 18th century were based on the traditional organization of the military system that had existed since the 16th century (including the Cantal Tower and the Torre de Benagalbon Tower) , whose commander-in-chief was the Capitan General of Granada.

The construction is square, surrounded by a wall with two sentries at NE and SW angles and with a main building. Outside there is a fountain called "alcuilla" (in Arabic al-qubba the dome) which is very typical of this area. The actual entrance to the fortress was the northern gate and was used to guard the Caminos Real (Malaga, Velez, Alhama); and is crowned with a pointed arch, with the coat of arms of Carlos III. Immediately after entering the fortress there was a defense moat, which no longer exists today and has been replaced by gardens. On the north side before entering the building was a hut that served as an artillery store or as a work space when there was a lot to do.

Inside the fortress we find the troop quarters and the officers' room with the same fireplace with two openings. These rooms also served as dormitories. On the west side there is a spiral staircase that leads to a terrace. Through the troop quarters you get to the south hall or horse stable with a vaulted ceiling, 14 cribs and stone floor. The barn is built to the west. An anonymous manuscript from the end of the 18th century, located in the National Library in Madrid, tells us that the Bezmiliana fortress consisted of the following garrison. Officer, non-commissioned officer, 15 infantrymen, 5 artillerymen, 5 horses and 13 cavalryman. The latter patrolled the immediate vicinity of the fortress.

more Pictures
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The origin of the watchtowers dates from the "andalusi" period under the government of Yusuf I (XIVth century), which was a major sponsor of the coastal fortifications. The first written notes about the watchtowers date back to 1492, the year in which Juan Alonso Serrano wrote to the Catholic kings and requested the reconstruction of the watchtowers. Later in the XVIII. Century, they were rebuilt and operated as a military defense system headed by Capitan General in Granada. The function of these watchtowers was to keep a constant watch on the sea and to warn the fortresses of pirate robberies, by means of smoke signals during the day and by campfires at night. If the distance allowed, the alarm was secretly sent to surprise the enemy during landing. The watchtower El Camtal stands on a steep coast, about 30m above sea level and has a conical trunk shape with a maximum diameter of 7.15m and a minimum of 6.25m and its height is 10.65m. The watchtower of Torre de Benagalbon stands on a hill and also has a conical trunk shape with a diameter of 7m below and 6m above and a height of 10.50m. Functionally, these buildings have 2 characteristics, one of them is the terrace floor and the other is the inner chamber, with a spiral staircase inside the tower.

Culture & Ferias & Fiestas

Every year on July 16, an impressive procession is held in honor of the patron saint of fishermen (Virgen del Carmen). The figure of the Virgin Carmen is carried in procession from a ship and then out to sea. Thousands of spectators watch. Rincon beach turns into a sea of ​​people. Rincon de la Victoria celebrates a lot as an Andalusian city. There are many folkloric and cultural activities throughout the year. Most of them have been organized by the town hall, but various groups and associations have regained old customs. Holy Week, Exaltacion de la Mantilla, Eleccion de Novios de la Axarquia, Festival Flamenco Pena EI Piyayo. Benagalbon celebrates a fair, the Feria de Invierno on February 2nd, Maria's cleaning. A move in which the neighbors throw peanuts at the Jungfrau from the balcony. In the second week of July, the Feria and Fiestas Marineras Puerta de la Axarquia are celebrated, where all three residential areas on the coast celebrate an incredible festival together. All day long and at night there is a party by the sea. The regattas in Jabegas and Chalanas will also take place during the Feria. The most important points in the Feria are the sea trains of the Virgen del Carmen in Rincon de la Victoria and Cala del Moral, the virgin is brought on the train in the sea. The summer ends, and on the first Saturday of September the Noche dei Fuego takes place. That night will be 7000kg. Gunpowder burned. Carnival is not very traditional in the community. But these festivals are becoming more popular as a result of the events organized by the town hall. We could not end without talking about the Pandas de Verdiales in Benagalbon and Rincon de la Victoria. They liven up every public festivity all year round. Pastorales regain ancient traditions. Gastronomy The hallmark of gastronomy in Rincon de la Victoria is simplicity. There is mostly Pescadito Frito, especially anchovy from Victoria. The espetos with sardines, ajoblanco and gazpacho are also indications of real gastronomy in the Mediterranean. Eating on the coast is easy, with fresh fish, seafarer-style rice and the Migas inland. Lomoen Manteca, the kid, are fabulous dishes that can be drunk with a good Moclinejo wine. Typical for dessert in this area are muscatel, avogato, early figs and sweet figs.

feria de Rincon

It is the main holiday of Rincon de la Victoria that always coincides with the Festival del Virgen del Carmen. As with the other three, the traditional is mixed with the most modern in terms of culture, leisure and gastronomy.

The Feria de Rincon de la Victoria always takes place in mid-July (2019: from July 12th to 16th) at the Plaza Al-Andalus (day holiday) and in the Park Huerta Julián (night holiday). There are always live concerts parallel to the night holiday.

Beer Festival

At the beginning of July the beer festival always takes place on the "Plaza Andalucia". The festival offers a wide selection of 35 different beers, offered by 8 brewers, most of whom come from the province of Malaga. There are also around twenty stands with international cuisine and handicrafts, as well as live concerts. Around 5,000 people come and around 2,500 liters of craft beer flow during the festival days. The event is a commitment to the craft beer sector, which contributes to a kind of booming gastronomic tourism.

Virgen del Carmen

Every year on July 16, an impressive procession is held in honor of the patron saint of fishermen (Virgen del Carmen). The figure of the Virgin Carmen is carried in procession from a ship and then out to sea. Thousands of spectators watch. Rincon beach turns into a sea of people.

Tapas Feria

As the official introduction to summer, the Tapasferia in Rincon always takes place in early June. 12 bars are located on a 1,000 square meter site on the beach, in front of the tourist office. You can try more than forty specialties. Each bar offers at least 6 different tapas for 2 euros, including a drink. There is also the possibility to exchange two drinks for 2 euros or two tapas for 3 euros. The opening times are from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to 01:00.

Holi Colors Festival

The festival offers a race with colored powder and foam, live music performances and food truck. The huge event, in which more than 2,000 people take part, offers up to 15 live music performances including flamenco, reggaeton and commercial electronics. Tickets cost between € 12 and € 15. Rincon residents receive a special price.

Rincon bars and restaurants

Rincon de la Victoria has almost 300 restaurants. Most of the restaurants, bars and cafes are located on the promenade (approx. 100), in the center of Rincon and in La Cala de Moral. There are also a few restaurants in the shopping center and in the village of Benagalbon. We only give a small selection of our subjective experiences here. It is often difficult to find out the correct opening times, as these often change and are incorrect on the various websites.

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The Mulse is located directly on the promenade in the immediate vicinity of the tunnel. There is a bar on the lower floor where live music is played on Fridays and Saturdays. There is an upscale restaurant on the top floor.
opening hours
Bar: daily from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Reservation: 952 40 1365
Calle el Túnel, 1029730 Rincón de la Victoria

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The chiringuitos (beach restaurants) are always on the sea side of the beach promenade. There are a lot of them. We can recommend the following.

Aqui Mismo: (fish, menu € 8.50)
Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen, 3, 29730 Torre de Benagalbón, Málaga

Casa Guirado (seafront) fish, high prices
Paseo Marítimo Virgen Del Carmen nº 120, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria

Liceo Playa: bar & restaurant
Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen 29730 Torre de Benagalbón, Málaga



Evohe and Oasis are our top bars right on the beach.

Evohé Lounge Bar: Fri-Sun: 11: 00-01: 00
Av. del Mediterráneo, 140, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga

Oasis: 12: 00-02: 00 (weekend until 03:00) Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen, 79-87, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria,

Liceo Playa:
Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen 29730 Torre de Benagalbón, Málaga

Mar de Fondo:
Paseo de la Marina, 14C, 29730 Torre de Benagalbón, Málaga

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Irish Pub/Bars

The Irish Big Band 
Plaza Gloria Fuertes, 1, 29720 La Cala del Moral, Málaga

Pasarena (Puerto Madero Cerveceria)
Avenida Mediterráneo (0,04 km)
29730 Rincón de la Victoria

Tulum Beach
153, Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria

La Chiringa - Bar Café Cóctel
Paseo de la Marina, 57
29730 Rincón de la Victoria


La Caliza

La Caliza is next to the Rincon Cave. It is not just a restaurant. It is also a cafe, bar and rooftop bar. The location and view is lovely. One of the best restaurants in Rincon.
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Urb. Cueva del Tesoro, 29730 La Cala del Moral, Málaga


La Calma

La Calma is one of the best restaurants on the beach in Torre de Banagalbon. It is located at the end of Rincon dela Victoria right on the beach. There is enough parking space on the street here. It is a combination of a stand bar and a restaurant.

Täglich: 12:00-00.00 (Sa+So bis 01:00)
Tel: +34 952 07 34 31
Avda de la Axarquia 40 Torre de Benagalbón, Malaga España 29738



Most of the most popular restaurants are located on the 7 km long beach promenade. In addition to the restaurants already mentioned on this page, we can recommend the following:

Casa Kiko (popular with Spaniards): fish restaurant, full on weekends
Paseo Maritimo Virgen del Carmen, Edificio La Lonja, 8, 29730 Rincon de la Victoria, Spain

Pizzeria Romano (promenade)
Avenida Mediterraneo 150, 29730 Rincon de la Victoria

Pizzeria Vendetta (promenade)
Avenida de Mediterraneo 114 | Paseo Maritimo 114, 29730 Rincon de la Victoria

Casa Guirado (seafront) fish
Paseo Marítimo Virgen Del Carmen nº 120, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria

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La Canasta  (Cafe&Bäckerei), leckeres Brot und Sandwiches
Avenida de Mediterraneo 137, 29730 Rincon de la Victoria

Puerto Madero (Strandpromenade)
Calle Virgen del Carmen 168, 29720 Rincon de la Victoria

Nonna (Eisladen, Strandpromenade)
Avenida de Mediterraneo 114/ Paseo Maritimo, 29730 Rincon de la Victoria

La Chiringa - Bar Café Cóctel
Paseo de la Marina, 57
29730 Rincón de la Victoria

Shops in Rincon de la Victoria

In Rincon de la Victoria, the shops are concentrated in the two districts Rincon de la Victoria and La Cala de Moral. In La Cala de Moral most of the shops are on the main road to Malaga. The large shopping center is also located here (on the motorway).
In Rincon, most of the shops are located on the seafront, on the main street Avienda de Andalucia and around the town hall / car park.

Weekly market

The weekly market takes place every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located in the vicinity of the Supersol. Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes and some household items. The prices are usually lower than in shops.


Here is a small list of the supermarkets in Rincon de la Victoria and Torre de Benagalbon



Mercadona: This is the popular supermarket with locals with an excellent price-performance ratio and a daily fresh fish offer.

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 09:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Plata Costa del sol (Urb Cotomar) 
29730 Rincon de la Victoria 
GPS: 36°43'2.43"N 



Super Sol: Normal supermarket, located between the highway and the beach on the road to Moclinejo.

Opening hours:
 Mo-Sat: 09:00 - 22:00 Uhr 

C/de Benagalbon C/ Viejo de Velez 
29730 Rincon de la Victoria 
GPS: 36°43'2.88"N 



The bakery is opposite the Supersol. There is delicious bread here and sorgar German black bread.

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 07:30 - 14:30 Uhr 
             16:30 - 20:30 Uhr 
Sun:      07:30-14:30 Uhr

C/Viejo de Vélez 2,
29730 Rincon de la Victoria 
GPS: 36°43'01.4"N 



Lidl: If you want the usual Lidl offer from Germany with additional Spanish products at the usual Lidl prices, you will find it here.

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 09.15 - 21.15 Uhr 
Sun: 10:00 - 21:15 Uhr (nur im August)

C/ Verdial, 41 
29730 Rincón de la Victoria 
GPS: 36°43'24.96"N   



Mercadona: This supermarket open in 2020 and is the most modern on in Rincon and popular with locals with an excellent price-performance ratio and a daily fresh fish offer

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 09:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Calle Pepa Flores González, 10, 29730 Torre de Benagalbón
GPS: 36°42'48.8"N 



Dia: is located directly at the motorway exit and has a parking space.

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 09:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Cortijo el Maimón, 
29730 Rincón de la Victoria, 
GPS: 36°43'26.3"N 


Cash Rincon

Cash Rincon: is on the road to Benagalbon

Opening hours:
Mo-Sat: 09:00 - 21:30 Uhr
Mo-Sa: 09:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Carr Benagalbón, 27
29730 Rincón de la Victoria, 
GPS: 36°43'31.7"N 

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Carrefour Express

Carrefour express: If you have forgotten something and you already have the shops, you can buy something here.

Opening hours:
365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Avda. Mediterráneo 133 
Edificio Santa Elena 
 29730 Rincón de la Victoria 
GPS: 36°42'53.99"N 

Beach and downtown

Most of the shops are in the center of Rincon, around the small pedestrian zone at the town hall, Plaza Constitution (car park), Avienda del Mediterano and on the main promenade.

Shopping center "Rincon de la Victoria"

La Victoria: The largest shopping center in Rincon is the "La Victoria" on the old motorway in La Cala de Mora. Here is a large carrefour and about 70 other shops. The area is 120,000 square meters. There are also 16 movie theaters and some restaurants here.

C/ Arroyo de Totalan 36, 
29720 Cala del Moral 
Autobahnabfahrt 251        
  GPS: 36°43'21.15"N      4°18'45.23"W

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

open on the following public holidays:
Monday January 7th
Thursday APRIL 18th
Sunday July 7th
Thursday August 15th
Saturday October 12th
Friday November 1st
Sunday December 1st
Monday December 9th
Sunday December 22nd
Sunday December 29th.


The Anoreta Golf Course has 72 par and is the oldest golf course in the Axarquia. It has 18 holes and was designed by the famous designer Jose Maria Canizares. The game is played from 8:00 am until sunset. There is a golf school, a restaurant, a bar at hole 10, a driving ranch, a padel court and a pro shop. On the following link you can have a look at the individual holes: https://anoretagolf.es/en/course-guide/#prettyPhoto.
Reservations can be made online here: https://open.imaster.golf/en/anoretagolf
The golf school teaches in English and Spanish. You can improve your handicap cheaply on the driving range.

Golf school / driving range:
October/March: Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
        Weekends and public holidays from 9am to 5pm
March/October: Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm
        Weekends and public holidays from 9am.to 7
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 952 40 40 00


Rincon de la Victoria has plenty to offer in terms of leisure and sports. The city would like to see itself as a sports city and has been investing in sports facilities (swimming pool, rugby field, soccer field, skate park, padel and tenis courts etc.) and in the organization of regional, national and international sporting events for years.
Next are a few options.


horse riding

Centro de Actividades Ecuestres Finca La Paca
Carretera de Benagalbón (MA-3200)-Finca La Paca. Rincón de la Victoria
605849795 / 620349866

Escuela Hípica Los Nogales
Ctra. Benagalbón, KM 1,700. 29730. Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga
653061955 / 649559345



Puro jet ski
Pure fun; you have the choice between 30min (60 €), 1h (100 €), 2h (200 €)

What is needed?
ID card (identity card, driver's license, passport)
Persons over 16 years of age require the written consent of their parents or guardians
The companions can be of any age
Swimwear and sunscreen
YOU DO NOT NEED nautical qualifications

Address: VARADERO PUERTO REY, Avda. Axarquía 48, Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga)



Albala padel
Av. de la Torre, 18, 29730 Torre de Benagalbón

Pistas Rincon Pádel Sol
Calle Chile, 1, 29738 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga

Añoreta Malaga
Calle Ecuador, 11C, 29738 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga

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Lovers of hiking, running or hill climbing are lucky. Rincon de la Victoria offers you the opportunity to explore the entire coast on foot or by running. In addition, there are several routes where you can get lost in the mountains. It is one of the areas in Malaga where this practice will surprise you the most.

Arroyo Granadillas-La Capitana: SL-A 082.
Simple level 10 km 3 hours and 10 minutes

Arroyo Granadillas-Cerro Tío Cañas: SL-A 083.
Simple level 8 km 2 hours and 40 minutes

Cerro Tío Cañas-Cerro Benagalbón: SL-A 084.
Simple level 4.80 km. 1 hours and 40 minutes

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Buggy Tour

The hinterland of Rincon is fantastic. One way to explore it is with a buggy tour. The company is located in Rincon, the buggies are in the neighboring village of Moclinejo.
More info here: http://buggy.malaga-online.com


The beaches of Torre de Benagalbón and the El Tajo area of Rincón de la Victoria will offer an area for kitesurfing and a place for the future urban surf school. It takes place in the off-season from October to March so as not to impair bathers and to offer residents and visitors other sports and leisure options on the coast.

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Am Strand von Torre de Benagalbon kann man bei Wind gut surfen. Leider ist nicht immer Wind. Man muss seine eigenen Geräte mitbringen, da es in der näheren Umgebung nichts zum Ausleihen gibt.

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The Cliffs of the Cantal offer the visitor of Rincón de la Victoria the possibility of sustainable tourism of unique observation on the coast of Malagueña. Under the Cantal Cliffs we find numerous cavities, habitats of endemic species of the Mediterranean that the tidal zones use to colonize form, from which others eat, creating a symbiosis of tropical seas.

Escuela de buceo Eco&Dive Rincón de la Victoria
0034 639 500 207

Skate Park
" Ignacio Echeverria" in Rincon

The new skate park in Rincon de la Victoria was officially opened on February 8, 2020. It reminds a little of the famous skate park in Santa Monica (L.A.) on Muscle Beach. The skate park is located next to the swimming pool in the street "Camino viejo de Velez" directly on the Granadilla river on the border between Rincon de la Victoria and Torre de Benagalbon within sight of the beach.

Opening times:
Summer: 01.05.-30.09.:
                       7:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
 Winter:  October 1st - April 30th:
                      07:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Free entry

Video Rincon de la Victoria

Our top 10 for rincon

1. Beach
2. More than 100 restaurants on the beach promenade
3. Cave
4. Exhibitions in the castle
5. Shopping
6. Sports events
7. BuggyTour
8. Jet ski
9. Horse Riding
10. Golf

tourist info

The tourist office is located directly on the beach promenade in the old train station, opposite the taxi rank, where they speak English and get information about the area. Open: Mon-Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Sat: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. You can find some practical phone numbers below.


Tourist information 95 240 77 68
Community 95 240 23 00
Policía Local 951212223
Guardia Civil (police) 95 240 11 41
Peace court 95 240 10 04
Emergency call 1 1 2
Health center - Rincón 951 924931
Health center - La Cala 951 293530
Health center - Benagalbón 951 400815
Firefighters 95 240 22 21
Bezmiliana fortress 95 240 3923

Colture House 95 240 41 99
Cueva del Tesoro 95 240 61 62
Rincón de la Victoria library 95 297 82 51
La Cala del Moral library 95 240 41 99
Benagalbon Library 95 240 09 33
Radio Victoria 95 297 08 00
Taxi stop 95 240 17 73
Post office 95 240 7248
Punto Limpio 95 297 1234
Hidralia (waterworks) 95 240 7343
Sevillana - Endesa (power station) 95 251 65 16